Friday, February 12, 2010

The Goof-Troop

When I was a sophomore in high school I joined the Badminton team with three of my best friends, Natalli Smith (Ellsworth), Megynn Caffall and Donelle Porter. Any of you readers who know the four of us (or any of us for that matter) know we aren't your average kind of girl. We average about 2 showers a week, and I'm pretty sure each of us have an acute case of A.D.H.D. Anywho... Our Badminton coach gave us a name one day that stuck pretty hard, and that name was The Goof-Troop. (Unfortunately I only have my lap top which doesn't have all my old pictures, so there are none of us all together in badminton, but smash these together and you got the crew)

In August of 2009, we lost Natalli to a worthy apponent named Jacob.

And today, on February 12, 2010.... another one bites the dust. That's right, Donelle Vivian Porter is no longer Donelle Vivian Porter, but rather Donelle Vivian Clare. The bandit this time, a young man named Caleb. Besides the fact I am losing yet another one of my best friends, I am SOOOO stinkin happy for her! She has been SUCH an amazing friend through the years and I am thrilled that she found such and Awesome guy to spend the rest of eternity with! Sadly... due to the fact that I am a million miles away and plane tickets are a million dollars I can't be there :( I've been so bummed all day today so I've been having friends send me texts and picture messages updating me every step of the way. I even tried to go to the reception via skype! haha...that didn't work out. None the less, I am so grateful for Donelle and the amazing example of love and kindness she is and now the example she and her new hubby are!

They are the cutest couple ever by the way. So here's to Donelle, Donatello, Don Juan Triumphant, or whatever you wanna call her... Hope your day was the BEST! I love you!!!!

Looks like we're the only ones left Meg... but it shouldn't be long with looks like these eh???

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  1. awww so sweet. haha. I was just going to post about our little babe getting married. I probably still will. Don't think I be copying you.



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