Friday, January 29, 2010


Once upon a time I was up here at BYU-H and everything costed a million dollars. So one day I said to myself... "I really need a job". One of my friends that I saw on campus the very next day happened to run into the IT center and notice that they were short on staff members (thanks Blakey). I ran my lil hiney over there, got an appointment for an interview, whipped up a bodacious resume (thanks pops), totally impressed them with my charming peronalitaaaay, and veula! I gots myself a J.O.B! And let me tell you... this is the B.J.E!!! (BEST JOB EVERRR)!
Heres me doin my thang

So basically my job consists of sitting in an office full of extremely fun, nice, hilarious people, doing homework and stalking on facebook until occasionally the phone rings and I have to answer and say "Aloha, BYU Hawaii how may I direct your call?" all professional-like, then direct their call (which takes a total of 20 seconds, unless there's a problem with their email or computer.... then I just hand the phone to someone else! :) ). I know right... Dream Job!! My first couple days I just sat and listened in on people's calls to learn, and also decorated the office for Valentines day haha. Yesterday they took my training wheels off and I got to answer all by myself! I'm a big girl now!! But the first hour I worked, I answered a grand total of FOUR CALLS, which combined took about a minute and a half. I made 8 bucks sitting on Facebook. So I decided to treat myself to some ice cream, you know, for all the hard work I just did (paid for by half of the 8 bucks I just made sitting on Facebook). So here I am, enjoying my brownie fudge sunday, that I got for sitting on Facebook. Haha I can't say that enough! I LOVE MY LIFE!!

Ok... so I feel obligated to tell you I went back in later that day and it was much busier and I answered like 30 calls. It got a little crazy at one point because they had me workin the switchboard too which answers 1-800 calls or something. I had to double up my headset... talk about intense!!
But still... B.J.E.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Polynesian Cultural Center

Until now I never understood people who never updated their blogs. I always rolled my eyes when I read how sorry they were but they "just didn't have time". "How long does it take to type a few words and post a few pictures?"- I'd ask... but now I understand. It takes kind of a lot of effort to write out everything and find the pictures you want, and in my case, find a time when the stupid internet is working in my house! So I apologize to all those who received and eye roll from me. Anywayzzzz.... I need to catch you up on my adventures cause I'm fallin behind!

So the first week Kaitlin and I were here, before school st
arted, we were able to enjoy the Polynesian Cultural Center... for freeee! I experienced my very first Hawaiian shaved ice and saw all the neat cultures and funny shows and such! I even met a
n old friend my Grandparents new really well when th
ey served their mission here nearly 20 years ago! His name is Kapp and he was HILARIOUS. It was good times :)

Learning the art of poi ball and tongue sticky-out-ness...

Me and Kapp!

After our day at the PCC, we went back to the school and had a DELICIOUS student Luau! (It might have been so delicious because me and Kaitlin had been living off of refreshments at all the activities for several days...)

Our dear friends Kilie and Huston!

Don't you just loooove a good SEE FOOD Luau??? har har... ya I'm 20... you wanna fight??!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Adventure #1

Ok... so I'm still trying to get my blog all cute and the way I like it, but seeing as I'm thousands of miles away from anyone who knows how to function a blog.... I guess I had better start documenting or I'll forget everything! So Here are a few of my first adventures on the island. (I might have to warn you that this blog will probably be picture overloaded.... Kaitlin takes many a picture and I am extremely indecisive so I end up choosing about a million. But hopefully you won't miiinndddd!!)
Adventure #1: Snorkeling
I arrived in Laie, Hawaii at approximately 2:30 on Saturday January 2nd. At about 2:45 a young man that Kaitlin had met named Kenson comes to our door and asks if we want to go snorkeling. Booya. So we walked a WHOLE 2 1/2 MINUTES to the nearest beach (Bikini Beach) and started snorkeling! We didn't see anything super cool... but still it was loads of fun! (ps sorry the pictures are mini... but you get the idea)

Snorkel buddies!! (It was hard to stand up with the current)

Our buddy Kenson :)

At this point neither of us had towels, but fortunately dear Kenson had this huge one that he let us share.... he also shared with us the bit of information that the closest walmart was an hour away.... this put me in panic mode because I didn't have any towels or blankets or a pillow or food!

But again, luckily there's this thing called pizza hut that helped us for dinner and kind friends that you meet that give you sheets and a towel. Thank you Kenson!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Oh Heyooo.
So tonight I was sitting in my bedroom thinking about all the fun I've been having lately and then I was all, "Hey, I should start a blog so people can be jealous of all my fun adventures!" Ok, my thought process wasn't really that rude, I don't want anyone to be jealous, but I did decide I wanted to make a blog.... so here I am! And here is my story :)

I graduated from high school in 2008 and started my college career on a full-ride scholarship to Arizona State University, which I LOVED! But, at the end of the summer this past year I decided I wanted to try braving life lived on my own so I started to apply for BYU-Provo, "and heck, why not?" I asked myself, and applied for BYU-Hawaii as well for winter semester. Well lots of time went by and my great friend/roomy and I actually got accepted! It was kind of a hard decision at first (ya right you all say... but really it was) but a lot of prayers were answered and lots of different things fell into place and I decided to go! And basically that's how I ended up here at BYU-H and it is seriously one of the best decisions I've ever made! Even though I miss my amazing family and wonderful friends a TON, I have only been here two weeks but have already grown and learned so much and had so many awesome experiences! I'm soooo blessed to have this opportunity and thank Heavenly Father every night for it :) So here's to living on my own and starting this new chapter in my life... HUZZAH!!


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