Friday, January 29, 2010


Once upon a time I was up here at BYU-H and everything costed a million dollars. So one day I said to myself... "I really need a job". One of my friends that I saw on campus the very next day happened to run into the IT center and notice that they were short on staff members (thanks Blakey). I ran my lil hiney over there, got an appointment for an interview, whipped up a bodacious resume (thanks pops), totally impressed them with my charming peronalitaaaay, and veula! I gots myself a J.O.B! And let me tell you... this is the B.J.E!!! (BEST JOB EVERRR)!
Heres me doin my thang

So basically my job consists of sitting in an office full of extremely fun, nice, hilarious people, doing homework and stalking on facebook until occasionally the phone rings and I have to answer and say "Aloha, BYU Hawaii how may I direct your call?" all professional-like, then direct their call (which takes a total of 20 seconds, unless there's a problem with their email or computer.... then I just hand the phone to someone else! :) ). I know right... Dream Job!! My first couple days I just sat and listened in on people's calls to learn, and also decorated the office for Valentines day haha. Yesterday they took my training wheels off and I got to answer all by myself! I'm a big girl now!! But the first hour I worked, I answered a grand total of FOUR CALLS, which combined took about a minute and a half. I made 8 bucks sitting on Facebook. So I decided to treat myself to some ice cream, you know, for all the hard work I just did (paid for by half of the 8 bucks I just made sitting on Facebook). So here I am, enjoying my brownie fudge sunday, that I got for sitting on Facebook. Haha I can't say that enough! I LOVE MY LIFE!!

Ok... so I feel obligated to tell you I went back in later that day and it was much busier and I answered like 30 calls. It got a little crazy at one point because they had me workin the switchboard too which answers 1-800 calls or something. I had to double up my headset... talk about intense!!
But still... B.J.E.


  1. Girl, what a great time! I'm so proud of you and so jellush of your hawaiian antics at the same time haha! Keep doing great! We miss you down here!

  2. haha I love headsets! They make me feel like a superstar...try singing into it like a microphone, way worth the embarrasment

  3. haha you forgot to mention that one of those 4 calls was from me.... telling you that my name was becky and I wanted to be transferred to Hawaii... haha

  4. Your job sounds wonderful! I love you Livs! And the picture with your eyes closed with your sundae gone is one of my all-time favorite pictures of you! :) loooove you



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